Gabala – Switzerland  of Azerbaijan


Located in an area of tall mountains and deep canyons, near the Garachay and Gochalanchay rivers, Gabala is notorious for the ruins of an ancient walled city (Chukur Gabala.  Situated in south of Mirzabaili, the ruins of Chukur Gabala were only discovered in 1959. Since then a lot of archaeological work has been done, uncovering a wide area of urban settlement and artefacts evidencing trade links with Europe, Asia and the middle east. You can still see the remains of five watchtowers and the walls between them burial, grounds, gates, furnaces, there is a treasure with coins from ancient Greece, bearing Alexander the Great's image.It is the beautiful part of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history.Among the local attractions there are the so called Russian forest, river valleys, the famous Chestnut forest, and numerous picturesque villages. There is Nij village inhabited by Udi, direct descendants of the ancient Caucasian Albanians. The abundance of game in the woods in the season attracts many hunters.


Sights in Gabala


Gabala International Music Festival




 Is an annual festival of classical music held every summer beginning from 2009 in Gabala, Azerbaijan. At this festival, musicians perform in the open air. Participants are musicians from Europe, the U.S.A and Asia , as well as musicians from republics of the former USSR. The festival is organised with the support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation at the initiative of the rector of the Baku Academy of Music Farhad Badalbeyli and conductor Dmitri Yablonski.




  Udin Temple


 The village of Nidzh , not far from Gabala, is known for a unique architectural monument of the Caucasian Albania - Udin Temple . The udins are absolutely special ethnic group who are considered descendants of Alabanians . They have managed to preserve their traditions, language, material and spiritual culture up to now.The restored temple was constructed in the17th - 18th centuries on the site of an ancient Albanian church which had been built at will Saint Eliseus - the Christian ecclesiast and educator honored in the Caucasian Albania.






Waterfall "7 Beauties"



Spring is a wonderful time of the year for visiting Azerbaijan's amazing waterfalls; they have already awoken from their winter dream, beautifying the northern regions of the country.You can enjoy climbing up the Gabala rocks to reach the last of the "seven beauties", a multilevel waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful forests.










Leisure Centre in Gabala - «Gabaland» due to its size and a number of attractions is called “Azerbaijani Disneyland.” It is located in one of the most picturesque regions ofAzerbaijan, this centre attracts summer tourists fromRussia,IranandTurkey. There has been built an amusement park equipped with slot machines of British, Italian, German and Israeli production, 6D attraction, «LaserMaxx” playground of 1,000 sq.m. There are two tracks for racing cars, motorcycle track, skating rink, swimming pool, volleyball, football and basketball playgrounds, a fitness centre, etc. There have been provided seven artificial lakes,  cafes and  restaurants in “Gavaland”, offering dishes both Azerbaijani and world cuisine.








 Gamarvan and Vandam villages





 Tourists interested in traditional handicrafts should visit where ceramics are made and which is famous for its carpenters. Those villages is famous not only because representatives of the Lezgin people live closely together here but also because of Its master carpet weavers,  possible to buy carpet products -Bourn, chance to listen to the Zop-Zopa folklore ensemble, which has participated successfully in different International festivals.